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RWA 2016 - Intro Video

The Video introducing RWA 2016 - Submissions are OPEN!


Rome Web Awards 2016, submissions are open!

RWA apertura iscrizioni 2016

The submissions for Rome Web Awards 2016 have been opened in June of this year. The Award ceremony will be held on web in April and May 2016.

The Italian Web Oscars, at the third edition, this year counts more than 1200 nominations, 230 Merit Awards, 15 Excellence Awards and the prestigious Golden Stars. Rome Web Awards confirms to be the richest and complex world ceremony in the independent audiovisual sector.

It is possible to subscribe any audiovisual work present on the web: Web Series, Shorts, Film, Fan Film, Web Shows, Video clips, Animations, Documentary and more.

The submissions will be open until 31 December of this year. Officially selected works will participate to the competition and will be included on Web Series Tv platform, for free and in automatic way. Moreover, the works can be awarded also from the media partners of RWA.

Base categories for this year’s competition are:

  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Cult/Original Trash
  • Drama
  • Dramedy
  • Fan Film
  • Horror
  • LGBT
  • Musical/Videoclip
  • No Fiction/Documentary/Mockumentary/Reality 
  • Romance
  • SciFi/Fantasy Comedy
  • SciFi/Fantasy No Comedy
  • Sketch
  • Social
  • Thriller
  • War/Action

The RWA Board desire to invite all webcreatives to participate to the most important Italian event dedicated to independent video producers.

To keep informed on all phases of competition and to know all works in detail, become a fan of Facebook page  and visit the site

Excellence Awards 2015 winners

The Excellence awards of the Italian Web Oscars!


After the Merit Awards acclaim, here are the names of work for Excellence Awards category.
The Rome Web Awards Board congratulates with all partecipants for the high quality of work in competiont, that made hard for jury to decide.
The Rome Web Awards is the best Web Festival with 250 Prize!

The names of winners for RWA EXCELLENCE 2015 are:


GABRIEL: FRA – Season 1
Best Creation


Gifted Corporation: SPA – Season 1
Best Season


Best Video/Short film/Film


Best Directing: Vincenzo Alfieri


La Supercafetera: SPA – Season 5
Best Screenplay: Carlos P. Brioso/Jacobo Saro


Notte Noir: SVI – Season 1
Best Cinematography


F*ck The Zombies: ITA – Season 1
Best Film Editing


Crew: USA – Season 3
Best Actor: Nicky Greco - Skip Johnson


Whatever, Linda: CAN – Season 1
Best Actress: Hannah Cheesman - Linda Thoroughbred


You Can't Take It With You: ITA - Season 1
Best Supporting Actor: Angelo Iapichino - Valerio


Noirhouse: AUS – Season 2
Best Supporting Actress: Sara Cooper – Evangeline Kensington


De Pontis: SPA – Season 1
Best Cast


SanFranLand: USA – Season 1
Best Trailer


Best Scene: Ep. 10 - 00:55/04:05


And rememebre the RWA TOURNAMENT, the best on line vote awards!
The final is september 25/26/27 2015!

"Are you readu for the golden stars?"

"3 MAy, the EXCELLENCE awards

Official session of the 2015 EXCELLENCE Awards of Rome Web Awards, Saturday 23 May at 22 (GMT + 1.00) here on the facebook page or on the official YouTube channel of RWA.

"Are u ready for the three golden stars?"

Awards Excellence days 600

Rome Web Awards, the Italian web Oscars!


RWA Board compliments all works in nominations, and we communicate that on 17, 18 and 19 of April at 22:00 hours (GMT+1.00) will be broadcasted the Award Ceremony for Rome Web Awards 2015
We remind you that the event will be exclusively on-line and we invite you to watch our YouTube Channel and to follow us on our Facebook Fan Page.

"Are u ready for the golden stars?"

RWA Official Date


***RWA 2015 triple the events! Rome Web Awards board is proud to announce the Merit Award Ceremony, the Excellence Award Ceremony and the RWA Tournament.***

Nomination of Merit announcement: 20/21/22 february
Awards of Merit announcement: 17/18/19 april

Nomination of Excellence announcement: 20 april
Awards of Excellence announcement: 26 april

On line vote: june/august
RWA Tournament Final: september



"The Italian Web Oscars"
RWA 2015 Board is glad to publish the list of selected works in competition for the second edition of Rome Web Awards.
With 76 subscriptions, coming from 12 countries of 4 different continents, RWA reconfirm to be the most important Italian web award ceremony. The board and the staff want to thank all subscribers for the honor and the trust.
2015 Nominations will be published on 20, 21 and 22 of February Web ceremony event is split in 3 evenings and will occur on 17, 18 and 19 of April.
“Are you ready for the golden stars?”
#coglioneNo: ITA – Season 1
#fifteensecondsofterror - trilogy – : ITA
Adventures Of Superseven: USA – Season 2
Adventures Of Superseven: USA – Season 3
Alfonso and Brielle: USA – Season 1
Alphard: ITA – Season 1
Altruman: AUS – Season 1
Asso: ITA – Season 1
Bagni: ITA – Season 1
Blackout: ITA – Season 1
Bodycount: ITA – Season 1
Boule de Neige: Una nuova vita: ITA
BUNKER: ITA – Season 1
Crew: USA – Season 3
De Pontis: SPA – Season 1
Dernière: ITA
Down With David: USA – Season 1
Eusebio: ITA – Season 1
F*ck The Zombies: ITA – Season 1
Flip and Glib...and the Theory of Everything: USA – Season 1
GABRIEL: FRA – Season 1
Getalive: ITA – Season 1
Gifted Corporation: SPA – Season 1
Guidestones - Sunflower Noir: CAN – Season 2
Il Solito Sesso: ITA - Season 1
Il Tempo di un Respiro: ITA
Interno Giorno: ITA – Season 1
Intrigo: ITA – Season 1
Io non sclero : ITA – Season 1
Justice Woman: USA – Season 2
Karma: USA – Season 1
Kickin' It Caucasian: USA – Season 1
L.A. Macabre: USA - Season 1
La Linea Dei Topi: ITA – Season 1
La Supercafetera: SPA – Season 5
Like Me, Like a Joker.: ITA - Season 1
Love Hurts: ENG – Season 1
MAR Y SOUL – Indelebile tu: ITA 
Napoli nel cuore: ITA
Nella tasca del cappotto: ITA
Noirhouse: AUS – Season 2
Notte Noir: SVI – Season 1
Ombre nella Memoria: ITA
Oposto do Sexo: BRA – Season 1
Passioni senza fine: ITA – Season 2
Por el último round: MEX – Season 1
Quei 2 sul divano: ITA – Season 1
SAM RHINO: ITA – Season 1
San FranLand: USA – Season 1
Secret Agent: CAN – Season 1
Sin Vida Propia: SPA – Season 2
Space Riders: Division Earth: CAN – Season 1
Space Jockey: ITA
Stalkering: ITA
The Ethical Slut: USA – Season 1
The Future Starts Here: USA – Season 2
The Pantsless Detective: USA – Season 2
The Hurler: IRL – Season 1
The Special: ITA – Season 1
Tracklist The Series: ITA - Season 1
Trick or Treat: I LOVE America!: JAP – Season 1
Un solo attimo: ITA
Vueb Seris - Web Series all'italiana: ITA – Season 1
Warz, Pirates from outer space: FRA – Season 1
Web Horror Story: ITA – Season 1
Whatever, Linda: CAN – Season 1
Where The Bears Are: USA – Season 3
Wonderland: ITA – Season 2
Wrong Way: ITA – Season 1
You are the passion: ITA – Season 1
You Can't Take It With You: ITA - Season 1

Subscription extension

The Rome Web Awards board is glad to announce that the subscription deadline has been extended to 31 January 2015.

Moreover to categories: Comedy, Drama, Dramedy, War/Action, SciFi/Fantasy, LGBT, Animation, Trash, Documentary/Reality e Sketch has been added Fan Film category and Horror and Thriller has been split.

In addition the Best Short/Long film has been included.


We remind tha you can submit yout web series, short film, Fan film, documentary, Videoclip, Reality and any web work.

The Italian Web Oscar are coming back, "are you ready for the golden stars"?


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