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The Rome Web Awards  publish 2017 EXCELLENCE AWARDS winners!

00 Certificato Excellence 2017 600

After the Merit Awards acclaim, here are the names of work for EXCELLENCE Awards category.

The Rome Web Awards Board congratulates with all participants for the high quality of work in competition, that put Jury in real trouble to decide the best works.

This year have been awarded not only the best artists and works, but also YOUTUBERS, GAMERS and the BEST YOUTUBE CHANNELS.

The Rome Web Awards Board declare ended the fourth edition of  the Italian Web Oscars and invites new participants for the 2018 edition, that will be richer and more interesting!




GOLDEN STARS ad Honorem Winner List




Excellence Nomination 2017 300Youtubers Nominations 300


Announced the Nominations of EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2017

RWA has come to the second stage of this edition, during which all winners of the MERIT category will compete for the EXCELLENCE awards of the Italian Web Oscars.

This year the rules states that the first, second and third place will be awarded, for 15 categories: Best Web Creation, Series, Film / Video, Directing, Screenplay, Cinematography, Film Editing , Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Cast, Trailer, Scene and Poster.

In this edition, the Excellence Awards will be assigned also to the category of YouTubers.

Awards categories concern YouTubers and Gamers, divided into: Best YouTuber, Best International YouTuber, Best Gamer Senior and Best Gamer Junior. They will also be awarded the best themed YouTube channels: Entertainment, Sports, Information, Cooking, Make Up, Science, Mystery, Entertainment, and Music.

During the awards ceremony will be announced the winners of the "Special Mentions" and "GOLDEN STARS", the golden stars for the career.

Durante la cerimonia di premiazione saranno annunciati anche i vincitori delle “Menzioni Speciali” e delle “GOLDEN STARS AD HONOREM”, le stelle dorate alla carriera.

The awards will always held on the web Friday 9 and Saturday 10 June, at 21:00 +1 GMT, on the YouTube channel or following the Facebook fan page.

"Are you ready for the golden stars?"

EXCELLENCE Nominations List
YOUTUBE AWARDS nominations list

EXCELLENCE Nominations date

Nominations Excellence date600

EXCELLENCE awards dates:

  • Excellence Nominations: 12/13/05/2017
  • Excellence Awards Ceremony: 09/10/06/2017

21:00 (+1GMT)

Rome Web Awards MERIT Winners 2017

Merit vittorie 2017 600


Rome Web Awards. Online Merit Awards Ceremony concludes.

The long waited Merit Awards Ceremony of the Fourth edition of the Rome Web Awards has just ended and it lasted three evenings.

The Board of Rome Web Awards has published with the usual video in Computer Graphics the winners chosen other 1000 nominations. A qualified jury decided all winners except 7 decided by the event's Media Partners.

The numbers of this year's competition are even more awesome: the participants come from 16 different Countries, divided into 5 Continents. The jury had to make very difficult choices, due to the extreme quality of the works in competition, which rises year after year. The Rome Web Awards 2017 is considered the award ceremony more complex and rich in the World.

The Rome Web Awards 2017 is not yet finished. Despite the important and much followed awards ceremony, this still represents an intermediate stage of the competition, which will conclude at June with the award of Excellence Awards Ceremony. All winners in the Merit awards, in fact, will compete to win the Excellence awards. A race, which will make direct comparison with the best, works in each category. There will also be assigned on this occasion the coveted HONOREM GOLDEN STAR for Lifetime Achievement.


EXCELLENCE awards dates:

  • Excellence Nominations: 12/13/05/2017
  • Excellence Awards Ceremony: 09/10/06/2017

DALLE ORE 21:00 (+1GMT)

Playlist MERIT Awards

MERIT Winners List

Rome Web Awards MERIT Nominations 2017

Nominations 2017 600

Rome Web Awards MERIT Nominations 2017

List Link
Video Link


Official Selection 2017 600





(Z) the series – ITA

180 Degrees - BRA


Agoro the Phobic Monster – AUS

Air - SPA


A-Yellow - ITA

Border Border - IND

Bruciare violini - ITA

Cable: Chronicles of Hope – UK


Campobasso e lo sai - ITA

Cm Cm Hota Hai - IND

Crew – Season 4 - ITA/USA

Cut & Confidences – CAN

Dear Dad - UK

Devadasi – ITA

Doppiamente – Season 2 - ITA

E-114 – ITA



El monstruo informal – MEX

Embers - ITA

Fired – ITA

FORSE SONO IO 2 – Season 2 – ITA

Gardner & Wells - USA

Guide 19172 - ARG

Hidden – ITA

IKO - la serie - ITA

Il Dono – ITA

Il Grande Match - Il Bullismo - ITA

Il teatro fa bene – ITA/MZ

Inevitable – ITA

In The Closet - ITA

KARMA – Season 4 - USA

Kingdom of Evan – UK

La Banda della Masciona – Season 2 - ITA

La stirpe di Orazio – SVI

Little Things - IND

Lupin III the fan movie – ITA

Maid In India ­- IND

Movie Buff – ARG

My Last Selfie - IND

Nerdective - ITA

Nightmares – ITA

Non Ci Disturbi Mai - ITA

Not Fit - IND

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso Violin Cover – ITA

Out of Bounds – USA

Passioni Senza fine – Season 4 - ITA

Pot Luck – NZ


Redheads Anonymous – USA

Replay – FRA


Ritals – ITA


Silent Hill - RUS

Song For Survival - IND

Sport Behind The Sports - ARG

Stay At Home Mom – Season 2 – USA


Su Marte non c'è il mare – ITA

Subway: The Series – USA

Tell Gordon Hello - USA

The Agent – AUS

The Help Me Rhonda Show - USA


The Madness Trilogy – ITA

The Sandra West Diaries – USA

The undertaker - ITA

To Believe or not – ARG

Trombare Sul Porsche - ITA

True Love – USA


University of Notre Dame – USA

Violin - GER

White Eyes - ITA

Zeus! - ITA

Rome Web Awards 2017 official selection date

imm data selezione 600


5 Continents
16 Nations


· Official Selection: 05/03/2017

· Merit Nominations: 24/25/26 March 2017

· Merit Awards Ceremony: 21/22/23 April 2017

· Excellence Nominations: 12/05/2017

· Excellence Awards Ceremony: 09/06/2017

2017 Subscription extension!

logo deadline 2017 600

Subscription extension!

The Rome Web Awards board is glad to announce that the subscription deadline has been extended to 31 January 2017.

Choose your categories:
Comedy, Drama, Dramedy, War/Action, SciFi/Fantasy Comedy e No Comedy, LGBT, Animazione, Cult/ OriginalTrash, No Fiction/Documentary/Reality, Horror, Thriller, Romance, Social, Fan Film, Musical/Videoclip e Sketch.

We remind tha you can submit yout Web Series, short film, Fan film, documentary, Videoclip, Reality and any web work.

The Italian Web Oscars are coming back, "Are you ready for the golden stars?”

Rome Web Awards 2017 date:

· Subscription End: 31/01/2017

· Official Selection: 05/03/2017

· Merit Nominations: 24/25/26 March 2017

· Merit Awards Ceremony: 21/22/23 April 2017

· Excellence Nominations: 12/05/2017

· Excellence Awards Ceremony: 09/06/2017


Rome web Awards 2017

RWA logo 2017 600


Rome Web Awards 2017. Submissions are open.

The submissions for Rome Web Awards 2017 are open starting from the July of this year. The Award ceremony will be held on web in April and May 2017.

The Italian Web Oscars, at the fourth edition, this year counts more than 1200 nominations, 250 Merit Awards, 45 Excellence Awards and the prestigious Media Partners Awards and Golden Stars. Rome Web Awards confirms to be the richest and complex world ceremony in the independent audiovisual sector.

It is possible to subscribe any audiovisual work present on the web: Web Series, Shorts, Film, Fan Film, Web Shows, Video clips, Animations, Documentary and more.

The submissions will be open until 31 December of this year. Officially selected works will participate to the competition and will be included on Web Series Tv platform, for free and in automatic way. Moreover, the works can be awarded also from the media partners of RWA.

Base categories for this year’s competition are:

  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Cult/Original Trash
  • Documentary/Mockumentary
  • Drama
  • Dramedy
  • Fan Film
  • Horror
  • LGBT
  • Musical/Videoclip
  • No Fiction/Reality 
  • Romance
  • SciFi/Fantasy Comedy
  • SciFi/Fantasy No Comedy
  • Sketch
  • Social
  • Thriller
  • War/Action


News 2017: Youtubers, Gamers and YouTube Channels Awards!

There is a great news in this edition: the Board will award also the most interesting and innovative Youtuber, Gamers, and YouTube channels, divided into several categories:


  • Youtuber Senior (more than 100.000 follower)
  • Youtuber Junior (less than 100.000 follower)
  • Gamers Senior (more than 100.000 follower)
  • Gamers Junior (less than 100.000 follower)


  • Animation
  • Movies, TV and Entertainment
  • Food and wellness
  • Games
  • News
  • Mistery
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Music
  • Science, Technology and learning
  • Sport
  • Humor

The RWA Board desire to invite all webcreatives to participate to the most important Italian event dedicated to independent video producers.

To keep informed on all phases of competition and to know all works in detail, become a fan of Facebook page, and visit the site

Subscribe now:

Rome Web Awards EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016

The Rome Web Awards  publish 2016 EXCELLENCE AWARDS winners!

After the Merit Awards acclaim, here are the names of work for Excellence Awards category.

The Rome Web Awards Board congratulates with all participants for the high quality of work in competition, that put Jury in real trouble to decide the best works.

The Rome Web Awards Board declare ended the third edition of  the Italian Web Oscars and invites new participants for the 2017 edition, that will be richer and more interesting!

The names of winners for RWA EXCELLENCE 2016 are:


Best Creation


2) Cam Girls



Best Season

1) La Supercafetera

2) Il Camerlengo

3) Shadowrunners


Best Video/Short film/Film


2) The Crow - Shreds of Memories



Best Directing

1) Angelo Licata (CLOSER)

2) Floriana Buonomo e Geraldine Ottier (LSB)

3) Karlton T. Clay (Color Blind)


Best Screenplay

1) Riccardo Sirignano (Anime e Sangue)

2) Massimo Mento (Unico Grande Amore)

3) Alberto Guerra (Hai visto Tom Collins?)


Best Cinematography

1) Zyara

2) Number of Silence

3) Desenterrados


Best Film Editing


2) Jenny & Jeff

3) Illusione


Best Actor

1) Luis Molteni - Cardinal Walter (Il Camerlengo)

2) Mark Coles Smith - Jonah Ashbrook (AIRLOCK)

3) Ettore Nicoletti – Arthur (Arthur)


Best Actress

1) Giulia Faggioni – Elisa (Sanguigna)

2) Emanuela Pacotto - Emanuela, Mia Destiny (CENSORS)

3) Rita Rusciano - Takiko Okuda (Fushigi Yugi Live Action)


Best Supporting Actor

1) Matteo Cerullo – Kevin (CODED)

2) Adelmo Macchioni – Mosè (Nero - La serie)

3) Matt Danalewich - Greg (A.I. Toilet)


Best Supporting Actress

1) Annie Ruby – Nikki (Cam Girls)

2) Helene Galek - Aunt Carol (That Reminds Me...)

3) Catia Machado – Rachel/Eve (Ma femme est pasteure)


Best Cast


2) Snippets Of A Lifetime

3) Welcome to Italy


Best Trailer

1) La minute Berti

2) The Crawler in the Dark

3) Wonderland


Best Scene

1) Burning Wishes Ep. 04 - 04:42

2) CLOSER – 08:05

3) Still Time: 05:30


Best Poster

1) Arthur


3) Nero - La serie


Special Mentions

Artistic Directors Awards: Zyara

Giury Awards: Snippets Of A Lifetime

Rome City Awards: Il Camerlengo


Golden Stars

Angelo Licata

Atzushi Ogata


Universal Movies

Vincenzo Alfieri

Web Series Today



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